Understanding the BC127 Bluetooth Module

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BlueCreation's BC127 Bluetooth Module is an extremely competent and easy-to-use dual-mode Bluetooth radio. It supports multiple classic mode profiles and can be used in Bluetooth 4.0 data mode. This tutorial will introduce you to the BC127 module's basic functionality, the functions and features supported by SparkFun's two BC127 support boards, and the library we've developed to support the BC127.

Bluetooth SMD Module - BC127

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BC127 Breakout

For users primarily interested in tinkering with the BC127 itself, we've created a BC127 Breakout board, which provides basic access to all the pins on the BC127 module, along with a six-pin serial header with the same pinout as the FTDI Basic boards, allowing it to connect to boards like the Arduino Pro, Pro Mini, and LilyPad. It also includes voltage regulation, serial data level shifting circuitry, and support for the built-in battery charge circuitry.

SparkFun Bluetooth Audio Breakout - BC127

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PurpleTooth Jamboree

For users with a more practical project in mind, we developed the PurpleTooth Jamboree (hereafter referred to as the "PTJ"). The PTJ is a more full-function board, designed to provide audio bridge support through the A2DP, HFP, and AVRCP Bluetooth Classic profiles. It includes circuitry for converting single-ended audio inputs and microphones to balanced inputs for the module, and converting the module's balanced audio output to an amplified single-ended signal suitable for line-input and headphones. It also includes buttons for pairing and sending audio commands to remote devices, battery charge circuitry, and six-pin serial headers pinned out for connecting to either FTDI basic boards or boards like the Arduino Pro, Pro Mini, and LilyPad.

SparkFun Purpletooth Jamboree - BC127 Development Board

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