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  • Hi. At first, I love this clock! You wrote in your conclusion, that the motors are very noisy. Is it a big change to build your clock with x40 stepper motors? I would like to build your design, but it have to be quiet. Is it in ypor pipeline to build an update with improvements? Thanks Dirk

    • Any Answer?

      • Hola!

        I just checked in with Alchitry on this question, and here was the response:

        "For noise I haven't done anything about it yet. I bought some drivers from Trinamic but haven't gotten around to trying them out. If my 3D printer (Prusa) is anything to go off, these would help a lot.

        I also considered trying to add a pourable rubber to the inside of the clock which would likely dampen the noise a lot. The individual motors aren't very loud but when attached to a thin board they reverberate.

        I also thought about trying to use direct drive stepper motors instead of the geared ones to prevent the backlash causing inaccurate hand placement.

        To handle more motors, the simplist way would be to just use two FPGAs and do the coordination with the Arduino. You could do some other solutions and use one FPGA but it would be quite a bit more complicated.

        With the clock working and on my wall, I don't have any real timeline to try any of the changes. Probably the most likely one I'd try is the rubber as it should be a simple and quick mod."

        Hope this helps - if you still have questions, you might try the Alchitry Forums. There's a large community around these boards that will likely have discussed this. Alternatively, the SparkFun Forums ​are a good resource as well.

  • if anyone is building this, seems like there is a mistake in the wishlist cable count. between the redboard - button - button - button - button - rtc - fpga there are SIX qwiic cables, not 5.

  • Hey really cool! I'm following this, trying to make one my own, did you disconnect the internal red wire from the motors or did you keep it as stock?

    • The red wire is still there but it doesn't connect to anything. I had to swap a couple of wires on the motors to get them to lineup with the pins on the drivers. My final order was blue, yellow, pink, orange, red. The red wire just hug off the side. This picture shows it well

  • Haathi / last year / 1

    This is a really neat project. Do you have a video of it changing time?

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