Spectral Triad (AS7265x) Hookup Guide

Contributors: Nate
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Example: Taking A Banana Reading

Let's get the Triad hooked up over Qwiic and begin illuminating a target to take some readings. Using a BlackBoard and a Qwiic Cable we're able to attach to the Triad quickly without soldering. Let's open and use Example 2 from the library so that the Triad will take all 18 readings while illuminating the target.

Once you have a series of readings, plug them into your favorite graph utility. For our purposes, we like to use Google spreadsheets. You can paste the comma delimited output from the sketch directly into a sheet. Once there, drop the small menu down and select Split text to columns.

Splitting text to columns

You can access our data here. The graph of the 18 frequencies is pretty neat!

Graph of various items spectral response

Now that we have a baseline we can take a reading from an unknown thing (in this case, Uranium ore we had sitting around used for testing the Pocket Geiger Counter). Note that the distance to your sample will cause the amplitude of the readings to increase or decrease. We took our readings holding the Triad about 1 inch away from the surface of the target sample but a 3D printed shroud would remove background illumination and remove read distance variations.

As you can see the unknown sample follows closely to the Uranium Ore signature.

Reading an unknown sample

Science! The Triad is a fantastic tool that will have you looking around your house for interesting things to measure.