Spectacle Audio Board Hookup Guide

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The Configuration Utility

Spectacle Audio Board

Sound interface

The Spectacle Audio Board only supports one action: Play Sound. As you can see above, there are a number of settings associated with this action.

  • "Listen to channel number..." - This is the channel number which triggers the audio to start playing. As long as this channel's value is above the threshold level (see below), the sound will repeat playing at a rate determined by the two time intervals specified lower down.
  • "wait ... seconds and play..." - This is the first delay in the system. By delaying when a sound plays, you can sequence events however you see fit.
  • "...and play file number..." - This is where you tell the board which file to play. Remember, when copying the audio files to the Micro SD card, they should be named as 00.ogg, 01.ogg, 02.ogg, etc. The number in this field corresponds to the number in the name of the audio file. If there is no audio file with the corresponding number, no sound will play.
  • "do not allow another sound to interrupt until ... seconds" - The number in this field should correspond to the length of the audio file. If this value is less than the length of the sound file, another trigger sent to the audio board will interrupt the sound before it finishes. If it is longer than the sound, there will be a period of silence after playback before another playback can be initiated.
  • "activation threshold" - As it says in the app, most of the time you don't need to adjust this. By tweaking this, you can set the angle at which the Spectacle Accelerometer Board triggers a sound, or the frequency with which a Random Trigger Virtual Board causes a sound to play.