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  • Member #1526266 / about a year ago / 1

    GPS NEO-M9N, what current, ma@ 3.3V is required for this breakout board?

  • Member #1630973 / about 3 years ago / 1

    Hi, I bought 3 GPS NEO-M9N Qwiic sensors but they don't receive GPS signals from the satellite at all. The power options work well, all I2C SPI UART interfaces work well but the PPS Led doesn't blink, and no GPS received signals. I am connecting the sensor to Raspberry Pi4. Please give me any suggestions, thank you so much.

    • That's odd that you would see three of them not receiving a satellite lock. Those boards usually go through QC before they are packaged and shipped out. Make sure that you have good reception and are not inside a building. If you are, you may want to move around close to the edge of the building or outside. Or try moving to a different location to see if you can get a GPS lock. This is assuming you are using the one with the chip antenna or have a sufficient GPS antenna connected to the u.FL connector.

      I would also check your connections to your Pi to ensure that it is secure. If I remember correctly, the Python Library for a Raspberry Pi uses the SPI as opposed to I2C due issues with clock stretching. Thus, you will need to solder to the SPI pins and adjust the jumpers on the board to enable the protocol.

      If you have not already, I recommend checking our Technical Assistance page for further assistance.

  • Member #1293049 / about 4 years ago / 1

    What is the process to increase the navigation frequency?

    • Hi,

      I just noticed your comment when looking for other information. I'm not sure if your question was answered yet. This seems like a good question for the forums. However, doing a quick search, it looks like you can update the navigation frequency using the Arduino Library when the NEO-M9N is connected to an Arduino via I2C. I have not used that feature before but it seems like the maximum seems to be 40Hz? I am not sure if that note applies specifically for the NEO-M9N.

      As an alternative, it looks like you might be able to use the u-blox u-center software to configure this parameter. Just head to View > Configuration View > RATE (Rates) with the board's USB-C port connected to your computer's COM port.

      Otherwise, you might want to check the forums to see if someone in support or the community can help you further:

      • stormbytes / about a year ago / 1

        Is there a way to send commands via serial/terminal connection? u-Block u-Center software is windows only and I'm on a mac. Thanks a bunch!

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