Comments: SparkFun Blocks for Intel® Edison - PWM


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  • Can two PWM blocks be stacked and used together with a single Edison?

    • Oops, I should have checked the comments on the product, the answer is yes:

  • hey, Im having issues using the combination of both pwm block and adc block. On the ADC block I have four slider potentiometers powered by two AA batteries. On the PMW block I am using four wires connected to my oscilloscope(for testing) and the vsys->vin connection is connected by a blob of solder. Note that I am powering the the edison using a usb and a console block. By themselves the blocks work perfectly fine. However together only the ADC block works well but the pwm block seem to output a sine wave with the modulations "riding" on the wave from right to left while the sine wave stays still. My thoughts are that somehow the pwms are being interrupted by the ADC block. Any idea of what I am doing wrong?

    • I figured out what was wrong. I wasn't giving the edison enough power because I did not plug in the power adapter to the computer that was powering the edison.

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