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  • Member #471191 / about 6 years ago / 1

    Hey, just about to use your fantastic Arduino ProtoShield V40 with your SAMD21 Dev Breakout and I noticed a potential "killer problem". If you add ICSP headers to these products and plug them together you will bridge the 3.3V and VUSB lines of the SAMD21 Dev Breakout potentially "bricking" it. I cut the track coming from 5V on the bottom PCB layer to solve this problem in my application. You might want to post a warning in the Hookup Guide. (I tried to send this as feedback but it didn't seem to send)

    • The note has been updated in two locations of the tutorial. Thank you for the feedback! =) As a quick note, the traces to the 5V pin of the ICSP header are actually on the top side of the board.

    • Hi,

      Yeah, sorry. Unfortunately, our feedback does not have a feedback to indicate that you sent it. I did get the messages. I had considered this for those that are using the ProtoShield with 3.3V Arduino Dev boards shaped in the Uno R3 footprint but it was never added. I'll add this in the Hardware Overview: ICSP (NC) and the Hardware Assembly: Customize sections.

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