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  • Member #386890 / about 7 years ago / 1

    I got your FT231X FTDI programmer for the 29 GPIO SIMBLEE board. Do I change its jumper to 3.3V or leave it at 5V? It looks like the SIMBLEE breakout board has a voltage regulator. Can you add some words about this to your "Hookup Guide"? Also, does the SIMBLEE breakout board ship with any sketch pre-installed, like Blink? Or is it completely empty?

    • SFUptownMaker / about 7 years ago / 1

      I'm not sure what the Simblee ships with but it's probably not helpful. It's most likely going to be a self-check firmware designed for use with our testbed hardware that we check the board out with before it ships.

      As for the FT231X board, you can leave that at 5V. The Simblee breakout does have a voltage regulator, and it's got a protection resistor on it so a 5V input on the RX line won't damage the module. I'll see about working that into the hookup guide.

  • Member #362968 / about 8 years ago / 1

    Probably missing something obvious but I don't find description of all of the "extra" pins - the 22 pins other than RFduino shield compatible and programming header pins... are they all only Digital I/O pins? Any analog? Thanks!

    • SFUptownMaker / about 8 years ago / 2

      They are digital IO only, but they do support PWM out.

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