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Resources and Going Further

With one hookup guide per sensor, you've already got plenty of reading material. We don't want to overwhelm you, but we do want to instill some project ideas in the back of your mind. There are plenty of directions you can take a project with all of the sensors in this kit.

You can take the pressure, humidity, and temperature sensors to build a weather station -- one that can wirelessly post to Weather Underground.

Weather Station Wirelessly Connected to Wunderground

April 11, 2014

Build your own open-source, official Wunderground weather station that connects over WiFi via an Electric Imp.

You can use the piezo vibration sensor or the accelerometer from the 9DOF to create a laundry monitor.

Blynk Board Washer/Dryer Alarm

March 31, 2016

How to configure the Blynk Board and app to notify you when your washer or dryer is done shaking.

Maybe use the reed switch to control a TARDIS-themed music box.

MP3 Player Shield Music Box

January 21, 2013

Music Box Project based on the Dr. Who TARDIS.

Or just combine all of the sensors to create your very own tricorder! It's up to you from here. Go sense!