Comments: Satellite Transceiver Breakout - Swarm M138 - Hookup Guide


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  • Member #1761079 / about a year ago / 1

    I’m a complete noob. This build is fascinating. I was wondering how heavy a lift it would be to use a mobile phone to send messages. I’ll check the swarm site for mobile device apps. Depending on the modules’ sizes that for physical, Bluetooth, or WiFi connectivity might be a consideration if size of the build is important. I hope Sparkfun might have some ideas around the options available to hobbyists.

    • PaulZC / about a year ago / 1

      Hi there. The easiest way to do this could be to: use a WiFi-enabled microcontroller; and have it serve a simple web page with a text box for your message and a Press-To-Send button. Behind the scenes, if you are using Arduino, you could then queue the message using our Swarm Arduino Library. We don't currently have an example for that, but it wouldn't be too difficult to bolt together existing examples to create it. BLE would be possible too. At the simplest level, you could use an existing App like LightBlue to push the message text to a BLE-enabled microcontroller and have it queue the message. Again it shouldn't be too difficult to create this from existing examples. I hope this helps!

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