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  • Before the built-in wifi on my pi 3 would work, I had to run this command from the terminal, to get it out of power_save mode, I guess:

    iw dev wlan0 set power_save off

  • WARNING: before connecting your pi to a network, be sure to change the default password! You don't want strangers, now or later, to notice a device named "raspberrypi" on the network, and correctly guess that you haven't changed the default password. Yes - people really do this. Change your password now.

    Use the "passwd" command, as documented at

  • When connecting via ssh, it is a hassle to have to figure out the IP address of the pi and type that in on your host. Thankfully, many or most host machines, on many networks, can use the multicast domain name service (implemented as Bonjour on Mac, Avahi on Linux, or typically third-party software on Windows) to find the address for the pi. Its name by default would be "raspberrypi.local". E.g. I just had to say "ssh pi@raspberrypi.local" from my command line prompt on Ubuntu Linux.

    More information is at

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