Comments: Qwiic HAT for Raspberry Pi Hookup Guide


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  • I am confused….I looked at several Qwiic sensors , both SparkX and plain red Qwiic sensors and they all have Arduino Libraries… So, I am suppose to install the Arduino IDE (Linux ARM edition) to the RPi 3B+ and run arduino code and not python library code?????

    For high schoolers is it easier to troubleshoot and run a sparkfun blackboard and qwiic sensors with Arduino IDE on a chromebook or Raspberry Pi and Qwiic sensors with a Arduino IDE (ARM installation) ? When will there be python libraries for the Qwiic sensors or do I need teach kids Arduino C and not python to control Qwiic sensors?

  • I have a SEN-14347 Spectral Sensor. I notice there is a Arduino Library to use with the Sparkfun Blackboard. Is there a 14347 library (python or Arduino IDE for ARM? install) to use with the Qwiic HAT and Raspberry Pi 3B+ ? I do not see it on Github…

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