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  • Member #1904201 / last week / 1

    I had the same problem using library version 1.0.3 - the vibration stayed constant no matter what the set vibrate number was changed to. I changed to library version 1.0.2 and then it worked as expected.

  • NoiseMaker / about 3 years ago / 1

    Tried the i2c example with a RedBoard with Qwiic, Very, very light vibration. Definitely not "vigorous". Maybe I have a dud? Freq tracking was disabled. Enabling it just added a thump at the end of each vibration.

    • Hi!

      Hmm, I initially tested one of these with the a RedBoard Qwiic and I could tell a difference in the intensity. If the motor has a light vibration, it sounds like it is communicating with your microcontroller as expected and you should be able to just change the value of the vibe motor's intensity to something that is higher.

      If you have not already, try changing this line for the I2C_mode example from:

      // Max value is 127 with acceleration on (default).


      // Max value is 127 with acceleration on (default).

      I remember the vibe motor would stop when the frequency tracking was enabled if driver met certain conditions. This is what you are experience with the "thump" at the end of each vibration. I disabled that function.

      Otherwise, you may want to head to our forums for further technical assistance.

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