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    Out of curiosity, why does the graph only go from 1 to 100 lux? According to my extensive research (Wikipedia), 100 lux is still a "very dark overcast day".

  • Thanks for another great hookup guide. We made a ready neat project using this sensor. We 3d printed a sunflower and placed the photocell on its base. When the photocell detects light, it sends a signal to the Arduino which activates a servo motor. Check it out on the project hub on

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    Light/Dark Sensor

    Here are some low tech methods using a photocell that might be of some use. You do not need to use a microcontroller with these circuits. You would need some sort of transistor if your load is higher power. Keep in mind that you will not have as much control of your output if you do not use a microcontroller.

    Dark Sensor [ ]

    Dark/Light Sensor [ ]

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