OpenLog Hookup Guide

Contributors: Nate, Toni_K
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Arduino Sketches

There are six different examples sketches included that you can use on the Arduino when connected to an OpenLog.

  • OpenLog_Benchmarking -- This example is used to test OpenLog. This sends very large amounts of data at 115200bps over multiple files.
  • OpenLog_CommandTest -- This example shows how to create and append a file via command line control through the Arduino.
  • OpenLog_ReadExample -- This example runs through how to control the OpenLog via command line.
  • OpenLog_ReadExample_LargeFile -- Example of how to open a large stored file on OpenLog and report it over a local bluetooth connection.
  • OpenLog_Test_Sketch -- Used to test OpenLog with lots of serial data.
  • OpenLog_Test_Sketch_Binary -- Used to test OpenLog with binary data and escape characters.