Nest Protect Teardown

Contributors: Nick Poole
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"Safety Shouldn’t Be Annoying"

...So goes the tagline for the Nest Protect smoke and CO detector. This clever little device replaces your existing smoke detector with the promise of keeping you safer and better informed. To achieve this, the Nest Protect connects to your home WiFi connection as well as any other Nest devices you own, such as smoke detectors or thermostats. Not only is it massively connected, but it's much more aware of the surrounding environment than your old smoke detector: ambient light, motion, humidity and temperature are all monitored and used to assess danger.

Nest Protect

This might all sound like too much automation for a simple smoke detector (in some cases it may well be), but, whether or not you want one in your house, you have to admit that the Nest Protect is an impressive piece of hardware and we couldn't wait to tear into it to find out what makes it tick!