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  • ianhan / about 11 years ago / 3

    If you're going to do a teardown, include close up shots of the boards identifying the chips, postulate how they work together, etc. This is the most 'high level' teardown I've ever read. Watch some teardowns on youtube (eevblog, mike's electric stuff) to see how it's done.

    • I love EEVBlog! I did a fair amount of what you're describing here in the "Sensor Scavenger Hunt" section, we even added some fresh close-ups of the individual devices! If you have questions about what function a specific part serves, I can try to hunt it down for you :) Thanks for reading

  • BT / about 11 years ago / 3

    Great new feature! But... next teardown, get a decent camera with a macro lens and a small tripod... No excuse for those annoyingly blurry shots.

  • adamwolf / about 11 years ago / 2

    I think the light sensor might be the Avago APDS-9300, or a close cousin

  • Member #576894 / about a year ago / 1

    I realize that this is 9+ years old, but any chance that you were able to identify a discrete output or two for smoke/CO alarms?

    • Do you mean is there a pin somewhere that toggles during a smoke or CO event? I didn't look for one at the time, I wasn't even able to get a shell over the USB interface so I didn't hack on it very much.

  • Member #546185 / about 10 years ago / 1

    Nice article! Have you tried connecting with USB cable? I've tried, but nothing happens. I briefly read through the Freescale K60 document that you linked to & perhaps their Tower is required or P&E's USB Multilink Universal Inerface? Grasping at straws really and was hoping for an easy P&P but alas, not so easy!

  • Everyone check out the crisp new pictures in the Sensor Scavenger Hunt section! Courtesy of our talented photographer.

  • Member #188723 / about 11 years ago / 1

    Can anyone give me a little more information about the piezoeletric siren?

  • Member #117211 / about 11 years ago / 1

    Hi! Does anyone know who posted this great tutorial?

    • I'm afraid I'm responsible for this hack job. Glad you enjoyed it :) Sorry about some of the photos, everyone. I took a few with my cell to get this up quickly, but I'll replace them with better pix as soon as I can have our Photog take them.

      • Member #117211 / about 11 years ago / 1

        So when you get this back together, it's going into your pad, yeah? A fantastic little machine (3.2Billion!)

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