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  • Member #1719731 / about 4 months ago / 1

    RX2 is described as A2, but is listed as A3 in the pinout table.

  • Member #483997 / about 9 months ago / 1

    So this has everything the Teensy 4.1 has broken out except the no native Ethernet?

  • brtaylor / last year / 1

    More discrepancies, COPI is labeled as Pin 59 here and in the schematic GOTO flag, but the pin label in the schematic is SPI_SDO (i.e. the opposite of COPI). Similar discrepancy in the schematic Pin 61 (CIPO).

  • brtaylor / last year / 1

    There's a discrepancy between the schematic ( and the table in this guide. The table here shows USB_D+ as Pin 5 and USB_D- as Pin 3. USB_HOST_D+ as Pin 37 and USB_HOST_D- as Pin 35. The MICROMOD-2222 connector in the schematic shows USB_D+ as Pin 3 and USB_D- as Pin 5. USB_HOST_D+ as Pin 35 and USB_D- as Pin 37.

    • El Duderino / last year / 1

      Thanks for pointing those swapped signals out. The table is fixed now.

  • Defragster / last year / 1

    Update Pending? This guide shows 8MB flash ... instead of 16MB

    • El Duderino / last year / 1

      That has been updated. Minor typo from our other Teensy tutorial. The Teensy MM has 16MB Flash.

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