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  • On the Matrix, I don't see any pins labeled D or OE on the PI, am I missing something or is my matrix not identical?

    • Your matrix probably isn't identical, do you have the 64x64? OE is sometimes labelled as P_OE, D should be your 4th multiplex input and will probably lie near to the other A, B, C etc... Honestly if you just have those two pins left to connect, guess and connect them to the recommended pins and switch them if they don't work.

      • Serial Monitor shows the ESP32 operating correctly however the matrix only ever shows a blue stripe that is 16 LEDs tall. After all other connections, the only remaining PI pins are 2 GNDs, connecting to either one simply changes where the stripe appears. Any advice?

        • Issue resolved. I am, in fact, a monkey. Guess that's why I'm AERO and not CS or ECEN. Carry on fellas, project works, is cool.

          • Awesome!! Sounded like a wiring double check to me. I prefer the errors where I'm being a monkey over the errors that get resolved magically. Glad you like it!

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