Leap Motion Teardown

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Here at SparkFun, we love gadgets and gizmos, just like our customers. And, like many of you, we find ourselves frustrated all too often by shallow reviews that focus on the "gee whiz!" factor of fancy new electronics without really taking the time to tear into the nitty gritty of how a device works.

The Leap Motion

As the release of the Leap Motion draws nearer, we're all wondering, what does it do? Demos and shiny PR video aside, what's actually going on in there? And how?

One of our developers got his hands on one (through completely legitimate means; he registered as a developer and ordered it from the manufacturer), and when Nathan sent out an e-mail lamenting the fact that he didn't have one to tear apart, the reply was quick and awesome.

We shot a little video using the visualizer application that is included in the SDK to connect the reality of my hands with the virtuality of the output of the sensor. Check it out!

Now let's get into the teardown proper...