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  • I have an issue with the speed of this sensor (it seems to have one full rgb readout every second or so, documentation says its 100 ms per color but it seems even slower) and so I have few questions regarding this issue:

    1. Can I solve it by using the "int" pin as a trigger input?
    2. If yes, how exactly should the " RGB_sensor.config( ... ) " part of the Arduino code look like? It's unclear for me where should I use " , " or " | " sign
    3. how exactly should I trigger it - by sending HIGH and LOW values to the pin?
    4. Is it possible by using this trigger method to get very fas results, like 100 readouts per second?

    The ADJD-S311 sensor was much faster but it's not available anymore, at least here in Poland... Thanks in advance for any help.

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