Illuminated Mask

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Planning Your Project

For this project we’ll be using the Illuminated Mask templates (download below or use the templates included with your kit). If needed, download and print the provided template. Right-click the image below and choose “Save Link As” to download the template to your computer.

alt text

Right-click and choose “Save Link As” or click image to download PDF

There are two template pieces: a top layer and a bottom layer. Hold the top layer template up to your face to check for fit, and make any adjustments to the eye or nose shapes before tracing onto felt.

Using a pen or marker, trace the template shapes onto the felt. Both templates will fit on one piece of felt, but feel free to mix and match colors for your design. The electronics will attach to the top layer, while the bottom layer will be used to give the mask extra support. Set aside the bottom layer for now.

alt text