GPS Mouse - GP-808G Hookup Guide

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The GPS Mouse is a combination GPS and compass in a self contained module perfect for UAV and autonomous vehicle enthusiasts. The GP-808G housed inside is a highly sensitive GPS module that can accurately provide position, velocity, and time readings. This module is highly accurate, easy to use, requires almost no set-up time, and is very easy to embed into your projects!

GPS Mouse - GP-808G (72 Channel)

GPS Mouse - GP-808G (72 Channel)


This 72-channel GPS receiver, that supports a standard NMEA-0183 and uBlox 8 protocol, has low power consumption of 40mA @ 3.3V-5.0V, GPS/QZSS/GLONASS support, and -167dBm tracking sensitivity. The GP-808G has been terminated with two JST connectors (one 4-pin and one 2-pin) and includes their mating counterparts. The GPS Mouse has been a popular go-to GPS option for many of the entrants in our annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC) with great results!

Required Materials

To follow along with this guide all you need is an Arduino compatible microcontroller, such as an Arduino Uno or SparkFun Redboard, a breadboard, and some jumper wires. This example uses a SparkFun RedBoard.

Arduino Uno - R3

SparkFun RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino

SparkFun RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino

Breadboard - Self-Adhesive (White)

Breadboard - Self-Adhesive (White)

Jumper Wires Standard 7" M/M - 30 AWG (30 Pack)

Jumper Wires Standard 7" M/M - 30 AWG (30 Pack)


Suggested Reading

If you have never worked with GPS before, have a look at our GPS Basics tutorial.

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December 14, 2012

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