Getting Started with the BrickPi

Contributors: ShawnHymel



If you’re familiar with Lego Mindstorms, then you are probably aware of all the cool projects that you can make and the educational value of such an easy-to-use robotics platform. Enter the BrickPi.

BrickPi board

Bare BrickPi board

The BrickPi is a RasbperryPi add-on that lets you control Lego Mindstorm parts. The BrickPi stacks on top of the Raspberry Pi and accepts Lego Mindstorms motors and sensors.

BrickPi on a Raspberry Pi

BrickPi on top of a Raspberry Pi

The BrickPi allows you to control Mindstorms parts using any number of languages including C, Python, and Scratch.

Covered in This Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will cover how to get started with the BrickPi. We will show you how to connect the BrickPi to a Raspberry Pi, attach Legos, connect motors/sensors, and write a simple Python script to control the motors/sensors.

Required Materials

NOTE: The servo motor and touch sensor can also be found within the Lego Mindstorms NXT set.

Suggested Reading

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