Getting Started with the 8BitDo Bluetooth GamePads

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Lite Hardware Pairing


The 8BitDo Lite is designed to work with the Nintendo Switch Lite. In fact, the colors of these controllers match the yellow and turquoise versions of the Switch Lite. If you're not color coordinated, do you even game, bro?

Let's pair. From your main screen, navigate to "Controllers".

Controllers option from the main screen of the switch

Select Change Grip/Order:

Change Grip screen

You'll see the following screen:

Pairing screen

Make sure the S/X button is moved to the "S" position like so:

S and X switch is in the top middle of the controller

Then press the Home button to turn the controller on:

Home button is on the lower right of the controller

On the bottom of the controller, you'll see LEDs turn on. Once the LEDs are lit up, press and hold the Pair button at the top of the controller for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode.

The Pair button is on the top of the controller to the right of the USB C input

The LEDs will run back and forth while pairing. Once pairing is complete, a single LED will light up and you'll see the following screen:

Screen showing controller paired


Gif playing Zelda on the Switch Lite with the Lite Controller


To pair your 8BitDo Lite Controller with Windows, start by navigating to your Bluetooth Settings from your Windows Start menu.

alt text

Click on Add Bluetooth or other device:

alt text

Within this dialog, select Bluetooth:

On windows, search for Bluetooth

Make sure you have the Select switch on the 8BitDo Lite Controller is set to "X".

Select switch is pushed to the right, selecting the X functionality

Press the Home button on the Lite Controller:

Home button on the Lite controller is highlighted

The LEDs on the bottom of the Lite controller will light up. Once you see this, press the "Pair" button on the top of the Lite Controller.

Pair button at the top of the controller is highlighted

In Windows, you should see the 8BitDo Lite show up. Go ahead and click on that.

Once paired, game on.

Playing Legend of Zelda, yo