Comments: Disabling Driver Signature on Windows 8


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  • Windows 8 never fails to disappoint, I found in 8.1 that the “advanced startup” is under “update and recovery”, everything else seemed to work…

  • I wasn’t able to use this method to get to the restart options page, when I got to the restart now button, it just restarted my computer and didn’t bring me to the options page.

    However, there is an easier way. Windows-x brings up administration menu. Click Shut down or Sign out. Hold shift and click restart. This brings you to step 5 in you instructions.

    (Also, Step 5 is labelled incorrectly, since you haven’t yet restarted).

  • I have same problem. Arduino IDE 1.0.6 will not install due to M$ Gestapos.

  • Latest updates to Win 8.1 have removed the General selection from the settings menu. Please Update your procedure for disabling the signature verification.

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