Comments: CCS811/BME280 (Qwiic) Environmental Combo Breakout Hookup Guide


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  • I am looking at using the combo breakout board with a particle photon or a photon redboard. Is there any guidance or example or detailed hardware assembly instruction or code for that?

  • The temperature reading from this board is not accurate. Unless, reading 5F-7F degrees off even on a "cold" start is considered accurate. Also, the suggested work around for the temperature inaccuracy will only work for a cold start and thus not function for a board reset (hot start).

  • This breakout does not work well. I reported a bug to customer support - so they updated the hookup guide (regarding compensation for overheating of CCS811), this however leads to a new issue with altitude (reporting 20m less than it should!) which customer support has not fixed and I'm still not sure how to proceed.

    If you are looking for something that works - this is not for you.

    • Since the sensor relies on pressure to calculate altitude, variations in your "altitude" reading can come from things like variations in pressure with the weather, which at sea level, can vary quite widely, and a pressure error of 240 pascals can be expected from a weather deviation. If you're looking for incredibly accurate altitude data, I'd recommend using a GPS.

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