Buck Regulator Hookup Guide

Contributors: Alex the Giant, Ell C
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Hardware Hookup

There are three options when using the 1" x 1" Buck Regulator.

Screw terminals

To use the screw terminals, simply insert the correct wires into the screw terminal opening and gently tighten the screw for that port. Your board should look similar to the following:

Screw terminals on the right side of the Buck Regulator Board with wires inserted and screws tightened

Barrel Jack

To use a barrel jack for input, grab one of our PTH Mount Barrel Jack Connectors and solder that sucker on. It should look something like what you see here:

Barrel Jack fits to the board faceing out

PTH Pins

To use the plated through holes on either the Buck Regulator or the Baby Buck Regulator, you'll need to solder either straight headers or angle headers to the board.

Headers soldered to the PTH pins on both the Buck Regulator and the Baby Buck Regulator