Addressable LED Neon Flex Rope Hookup Guide

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Hardware Overview

The LED Neon Flex Rope uses the UCS1903 chipset and LEDs. The electronics are sealed in a waterproof IP65 silicone housing and diffuses the light emitting from the LEDs.


To power or control the LED neon flex rope, you will need to connect to the female bare wire connector. 24V is required to power the LED Neon flex rope using the wire with the red stripe. The center wire is the data pin when using with a microcontroller. The third wire on the other side is for ground.

LED Neon Flex Rope Pinout

Below lists a hookup table of the pinout for reference.

LED Neon Flex Rope Pinout
Vcc (Red Striped) 24V
DAT (Middle) Data
GND (Side) Ground

LED Strip Segments

For those interested in cutting the LED neon flex rope down, you can reduce the length with the help of the colored markers on the bottom of the housing. The markers are guides and are not exact locations between the LED segments.

LED Neon Flex Rope Markers on Bottom

Each LED strip segment is about 20 inches long.

Segment Measured

Each segment uses wires to connect between each LED strip that is sealed in the housing.

Closeup Side View of Cut LED Neon Flex Rope Teardown of LED Strip inside Housing
Closeup Side View of a Cut LED Neon Flex Rope Teardown of the LED Neon Flex Rope

If you decide to cut the strip down, make sure to seal the exposed circuit with some epoxy or hot glue.