Comments: Using the A111 Pulsed Radar Sensor with a Raspberry Pi


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  • I also had the compile error and then runtime errors with GPIO configuration. Turns out Acc changed a bunch of the true/false returns for their API and that broke a lot of Sparkfun's code. My fork with the fixes can be found here:

    • Thanks! Gotta love those breaking changes :S

      I pushed an update to the GitHub repo which should enact similar fixes. It's working well with SDK 1.4.0.

  • It seems that Acc published a new SDK version (1.5.2). The files from the GitHub repo don't seem to work anymore. Unfortunatly I don't have enought experience to modify them myself Does anyone have a workig version of the examplefiles for the SDK 1.5.2?

  • Looks like we have another new version of the SDK: 1.4.0. It really is a shame Acc doesn't let you download older versions.

    But here is the error. I am not sure exactly what to provide for *gpio_mem. A memory map?

    Compiling acc_board_rpi_sparkx.c
    source/acc_board_rpi_sparkx.c: In function ‘acc_board_init’:
    source/acc_board_rpi_sparkx.c:177:2: error: too few arguments to function ‘acc_driver_gpio_linux_sysfs_register’
    In file included from source/acc_board_rpi_sparkx.c:12:0:
    include/acc_driver_gpio_linux_sysfs.h:51:13: note: declared here
     extern void acc_driver_gpio_linux_sysfs_register(uint_fast16_t pin_count, gpio_t *gpio_mem);

    • Thanks for the heads up! We've pushed an update to the GitHub repo -- updating the board definition file. Should resolve those issues and get you up-and-running with SDK 1.4.0.

  • When I downloaded the SDK from acconeer website, it was using v1.3.9 instead of v1.3.5. This broke the sparkx addon files. I made a fork with updates in all 6 files of Software/sparkx-sdk-addon/ folder to support v1.3.9: This fixed the problem and I was able to observe the radar results.

    • Hi, it seems like there is yet a new version of the SDK (currently 1.3.11). I am getting makefile "no rule to make target" errors using the sparkx addon files. I was wondering if you have the old 1.3.9 SDK or have any idea how to update the sparkx addon files to make it work? Thank you very much in advance!!

      • I've pushed some updates to the GitHub repo -- it should make all examples compatible with v1.3.11 of the SDK.

        • Hi jimblom, thanks for your reply. I was able to use the updated files from the GitHub repo to successfully build it against SDK 1.3.11. However, when I try to run the example files, I get an "illegal instruction" error. I am using Raspberry Pi 1 B, perhaps this is too old? Thanks in advance for your help! I very much appreciate it.

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