Uh-Oh Battery Level Indicator Hookup Guide

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Hookup Example

Once you have soldered your kit together, it's time to start monitoring your battery levels. For this example, we will be hooking up the indicator to a 3.7V lipo battery that is powering an Arduino Uno. We will also be including a Power Cell- LiPo Charger/Booster in the circuit, to ensure that we can recharge the battery when it reaches the low voltage limit.


Uno → PowerCell Charger

  • 5V → VCC
  • GND → GND

PowerCell Charger → Uh-Oh Indicator

  • PowerCell + → Sys +
  • PowerCell - → Sys -

Uh-Oh Indicator → Battery

  • The JST connector on the battery is notched and corresponds to the notch on the Uh-Oh Indicator.

Here is a Fritzing diagram showing the actual connections between the Uno, the PowerCell, the Uh-Oh indicator, and the battery.

Uh-Oh Battery Indicator Hooked up to an Arduino Fritzing Diagram

Uh-Oh Battery Indicator Hooked up to an Arduino

Once you have everything hooked up, you will need to adjust the trimpot on the Uh-Oh indicator board to the voltage at which you would like to be notified.