Spectacle User's Guide

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Spectacle Director Board

The Spectacle Director Board is at the core of all Spectacle systems. It stores the program, connects to and sends power to the other boards in the system, and passes messages between the other boards.

Director Board Hardware Tour

Director Buttons

There are two buttons on the Director Board: one labeled RST and one labeled PROG. These buttons allow you to enter programming mode, so new behaviors can be loaded into your Spectacle system.

To enter programming mode, press and hold the RST button, press and hold the PROG button, and then release the RST button.

Micro USB Jack

Power for your Spectacle system is delivered via a Micro USB jack on the Director Board. Power is then delivered to additional boards in the system via the cables connecting the other boards together, although some boards (such as the Motion Board and the Light Board) may require locally delivered power.

Program Jack

The "Program" jack is where you'll connect the device you use for programming. A cable connecting this jack to the audio output of your programming device is needed to upload a new set of behaviors to your Spectacle system.

Direct Jack

Other Spectacle boards will be connected to the "Direct" jack. Power is delivered via this jack to the other boards, and power to those boards is disconnected while the RST button is held down.