Qwiic UV Sensor (VEML6075) Hookup Guide

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Hardware Overview

First let's check out some of the characteristics of the VEML6075 sensor we're dealing with, so we know what to expect out of the board.

Operating Voltage1.7V-3.6V
Supply Current480 µA
UVA Resolution0.93 counts/µW/cm2
UVA Resolution2.1 counts/µW/cm2
I2C Address0x10


The following table lists all of the VEML6075's pins and the direction of data flow.


Optional Features

The VEML6075 breakout has pull up resistors attached to the I2C bus; if multiple sensors are connected to the bus with the pull-up resistors enabled, the parallel equivalent resistance will create too strong of a pull-up for the bus to operate correctly. As a general rule of thumb, disable all but one pair of pull-up resistors if multiple devices are connected to the bus. If you need to disconnect the pull up resistors they can be removed by cutting the traces on the corresponding jumpers highlighted below.

Pullup Jumper

Pull-Up Jumper

The onboard LED (highlighted below) will light up when the board is powered, and the sensor (also highlighted below) should be left uncovered in your application.

Sensor and Power LED

Sensor and Power LED