Mean Well LED Switching Power Supply Hookup Guide

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Hardware Overview

The Mean Well APV-35 and LPV-60 series power supplies were designed to power LEDs. They include wire pairs for the input (brown and blue) and output (red and black). The input voltage requires an AC power cable to be connected that is not included with the power supply. The APV-35-5 provides 5V with up to 5.0A. The LPV-60-5 provides 5V with up to 8.0A.

APV-35 Series 5V/5A LPV-60 Series 5V/8A
APV-35 Series LPV-60 Series


Mean Well Power Supply Notes
ACL (Brown) Input AC Voltage, Live/Hot wire
ACN (Blue) Input AC Voltage, Neutral Wire, Wider Blade on Wall Outlet Side
V+ (Red) Output Voltage (DC)
V- (GND, Black) Output Ground (DC)