Comments: How to Use an Oscilloscope


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  • I’m working with a 12VDC PWM signal for led lighting that uses low side drive. how do I connect to the probes correctly and what do I set the coupling to? It is intended to use the same 12V source the device uses for the led’s positive source.

  • Nice article! I just posted an neat article about how to make a better scope measurement:

  • ahh, that’s a shame. Seems like a nice bare bones signal generator.

  • What is the signal generator that is attached to the scope? I could’ve sworn it was a sparkfun kit. Could someone shed some light on that? Thanks!

    • Ah, that old relic. It’s this kit. We had to retire it when the XR-2206 was end-of-life’d. Very sad. I still create excuses to use it from time-to-time though :).

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