How to Use a Ruler

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I know what you are asking? Why is there a guide for a ruler? It's a ruler, I've been using one of these since 3rd grade. That is true, but really I wanted a little extra room to talk about some of the features of the ruler, what they are, and why they are there. A while ago, we got some nice swag from our friends at Digi-Key, a PCB ruler with a lot of information on it. We realized a few things. First, PCBs make good rulers, they are sturdy while still being a bit bendable, and they are designed with precision. The precision of PCB traces is much more accurate than you would need in a ruler. Second I realized that usually when I need a ruler I'm not worried about the size of a SOIC package, there has to be information I would rather have on my ruler. So, I started playing in Eagle to design one with some of the information I tend to look up the most.

SparkFun PCB Ruler - 12 Inch

SparkFun PCB Ruler - 12 Inch