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  • Member #1632511 / about 2 years ago / 1

    Always getting the following error in the arduino terminal when I try to update

    E (85241) task_wdt: Task watchdog got triggered. The following tasks did not reset the watchdog in time: E (85278) task_wdt: - IDLE0 (CPU 0) E (85475) task_wdt: Tasks currently running: E (85475) task_wdt: CPU 0: Btc_task E (85475) task_wdt: CPU 1: IDLE1 E (85475) task_wdt: Aborting. abort() was called at PC 0x400d9bf7 on core 0

    Anyone experiencing the same... Thanks for your support!

    • Member #134621 / about 11 months ago / 1

      I just went through this. I discovered that the default value for esp_task_wdt is 5 (seconds) and my application's call to esp_ota_begin() was taking 6-8 seconds to complete. So I call esp_task_wdt_init(15, 0) right before I call esp_ota_begin() and then reset it to 5 after I call esp_ota_end().

      Credit to OP for a great example! You saved my bacon.

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