Electronics Assembly

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Touch Shield

The board is reaching the end of its journey!

Sealing in ESD plastic

Once the batch of boards is clean and dry, they go to packaging where each board is individually heat sealed into ESD plastic.

Chain of 10 boards

Because picking and packaging orders needs to be as fast as possible, we make sure every product is ‘pick ready’ for the shipping department. For most products, we will create a chain of 10 pieces with a bar-coded label on each end. The barcode label contains the product name, SKU, and a batch identifier that helps us track any problems.

Once the product is completely packaged, it is sent over to the shipping floor. We record the departing inventory, deduct all the work in progress parts, and add the new quantities to our storefront stock. The product then begins an entirely new journey to your door. We'll leave that tutorial for another day.