DigitalSandbox PicoBoard

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Heads up! As of the writing of this tutorial, Scratch 3.0 and 2.0 does not fully support the PicoBoard. We suggest using Scratch 1.4 until the full PicoBoard extensions are implemented, tested, and rolled out with Scratch 2.0+.

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The Digital Sandbox (DS) is a creation that came about as a combination between the best features of the PicoBoard, DangerShield, and the Lilypad Protosnap Development Board. We combined the best of these three great introductory learning platforms to create a single board that has several commonly used peripheral devices -- LEDs, RGB, slider, button, and a variety of sensors.

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Each of the sensors that are currently on the PicoBoard (slider, button, light, and sound) are also on this board. We thought it would be great to replicate the PicoBoard firmware to work on this device.

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