Choosing an Arduino for Your Project

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Wearable Arduinos

The e-textiles segment of the Arduino market is ruled by LilyPads. These are identifiable as unique purple, flowery-looking, circular boards. The pins on LilyPads are called "petals", they have bigger holes and copper filled to the edge of the board. These are designed so conductive thread can be sewn through the holes, and make electrical contact with the exposed copper on the petal.

LilyPad sewn into fabric

LilyPads are great for e-textiles -- projects which combine electronics and fabric wizardy. For a detailed explanation of these boards, check out this tutorial.

Choosing a LilyPad Arduino for Your Project

October 27, 2015

Not sure which LilyPad Arduino is right for you? We'll discuss the features of each and help you decide.