Benchtop Power Board Kit Hookup Guide

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System Connection

Now that you have your Benchtop Supply soldered together, it's time to power it up! First, you will need to decide what system you are powering. For this example, we will be powering up a 4 RPM Standard Gear Motor. This motor can run from 3-12V, making it a great piece to simply test out several of the power rail connections on the Benchtop board.

Plug in the computer power supply's ATX connector into the Benchtop Power Supply. Since there is a power switch on the Benchtop Power Supply board, you can turn on the computer power supply and leave it on.

Place the bare wire ends into the barrel jacks of the appropriate voltage rail for your project. In our case, we are hooking up the motor to the 3.3V rail initially. Flip the power switch on the Benchtop board and you should see your motor spinning!