AST-CAN485 I/O Shield (24V) Hookup Guide

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Hardware Overview

Input Power

The AST-CAN485 I/O Shield provides a socket to break out all of the IO of the AST-CAN485 board. To make a secure connection to your industrial equipment, screw terminals come pre-soldered to the board to get you up and running in no time. The AST-CAN485 I/O Shield is designed to work in the industrial 24V environment, but has a wide supply input range of 7-24V. The board comes with input reverse voltage protection with a green and red status LEDs (green means power is connected properly, and red indicates reversed power, and blocks power to the rest of the board.

Power input highlight

24 I/O Pins

At your disposal are four 24V input channels with LEDs to indicate the input logic level, along with an additional four 24V output channels with matching indicator LEDs.

24V input and output highlights

RS-485 and CAN

Which do you prefer to use for your communication standard: RS-485 or CAN? Well it doesn't matter because as the name indicates, the CAN485 board will handle them both, and they're both broken out to the secure screw terminals as well!

RS-485 and CAN bus screw terminal highlight

SPI and I2C

If SPI and I2C are more in your wheelhouse, the CAN485 board breaks those out to screw terminals well, but you are limited to 5V logic.

SPI and I2C screw terminal highlight

AST-CAN485 Pins

All of the 5V logic level pins of the AST-CAN485 board are also broken out with an easy to read 2x13 pin header.

5V logic pin highlight



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