12V/5V Power Supply Hookup Guide

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Certain power supplies have a lot of noise. While a 12V/5V power supply works great with a microcontroller and a LED strip, it may not work as well when you attach a capacitive touch sensor to the system depending on the manufacturer. Certain dual-voltage power supplies can lack the proper filtering and cause the capacitive touch potentiometer to have a lot of latency. You can try to add additional circuitry to fix it if the current power supply has a lot of noise.

You should not see this issue with the newer 12V/5V power supply (TOL-15664). It is more reliable than our previous version. Otherwise, you can also try to use two separate power supplies or a more robust power supply such as a Meanwell.

PWM Lighting Controller

Example PWM Lighting Controller from the Touch Potentiometer Hookup Guide