Comments: What is a Circuit?


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  • I think part of this tutorial is confusing (and wrong). I think the statement "it’s also possible to load down a circuit too little - this may let too much current flow" is contradictory. If a lot of current is flowing the load will be high. I think the tutorial is using the term "load" incorrectly in this case. I assume the author meant it's possible to not add enough resistance which would cause too much current to flow. Too little resistance would cause the load to be too large not too small. There are power supplies (i.e. PC power supplies) which require a minimum load to work properly but power supplies which require a minimum load are the exception. As the author confirms elsewhere in the tutorial, in general one can not have too small of a load on a power supply. I think it would be a good idea to change the wording in this tutorial so the term "load" is used in a way consistent with its definition in this application.

  • The truth is i'm getting confused here, what should we follow, electricity will flow from positive to negative terminal or the other way around????

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