SparkFun Qwiic RFID-IDXXLA Hookup Guide

Contributors: Elias The Sparkiest
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Hardware Assembly

Simply insert a Qwiic cable between the RedBoard Qwiic and the Qwiic RFID reader. You will also need to solder wire between the Qwiic RedBoard's pin 8 and the Qwiic RFID reader's INT pin. When you are ready, align the headers of the module with the Qwiic RFID reader.

Here is an image of the Qwiic RFID module connected to the Redboard Edge via a Qwiic cable with an additional wire connecting the product's interrupt with pin 8 on the Redboard.

Note: The Qwiic system has a logic level of 3.3V. I have attached the interrupt to pin 8 on the Redboard Qwiic even though the pin is at 5 volts. This will not harm the Qwiic RFID because we're doing a simple digitalRead() but also because the ATTiny84 is tolerant of voltages up to 5.5V.