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  • I have the circuit connected as shown in the diagram.... but I found if you don't connect the ground from the Arduino to the Easy Driver, the motion is really jerky.

    I guess I was kinda surprised at how few pins you have to connect. The guide starts out indicating you have to pull RST and SLP HIGH so I was just waiting to find something to go wrong, albeit ground and not the other two pins. Maybe indicate that those two pins are normally HIGH and add the GND connection in the circuit... or maybe I'm just reading too much into it ;/

  • This might help

    [b]Control stepper motor with mobile | RaspberryPi | EasyDriver[/b]

  • What's the difference between the ENABLE and RST pins. They seem to have the same functionality

  • I just followed this guide to set up my arduino pro mini with the easy driver.

    when MS1 and MS2 are both LOW the motor doesn't move, it just vibrates. When both are HIGH it moves in large steps and with just one HIGH it moves in smaller steps. This doesn't seem to agree with what's in the article. Any idea what could be causing this?

    • Sounds like you don't have a proper power supply. Please review the "Hardware Hookup" section of the tutorial where it discusses powering your Easy Driver, and make sure the supply you choose falls within the following specs: |verify that whatever choice you go with is capable of providing up to 2A and falls in the range of 6V to 30V.

      If you're still having troubles after that, please reach out to They'll be able to assist you further.

  • What is the maximum RPM with this driver? I am only able to achieve 144RPM with a Nema 14 12Ncm motor:

  • The SLP function puts the motor to sleep – how do I "pull it low" from my Arduino? I'm guessing that means connect to ground, right?

  • Was wondering if this drives 5 volt stepper motors?

    • It depends on the motor. This board can only source 150mA to 750mA/phase to the motor, so that's the spec you need to really watch for.

  • the github link next to the code links to the design files and not the code as indicated.

    • The product repositories contain both the design files and the example code. You'll want to check in the Firmware directory in the repository for the Arduino sketches. If you download the .zip of the repository, or clone the repository, you'll get all of the design, firmware, and production files.

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