Atmega In-Depth

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In this class we will look at building and programming the AT328 chip. The 328 is the heart of the Arduino board and programming environment. In this class we'll start from scratch and build a board without the Arduino board. We'll look at differences from programming with a assembled board and the data transfer setup. We'll also run a few code examples from Arduino and how to wire them.

This material assumes that you know the digitalRead, digitalWrite, analogRead and analogWrite functions in Arduino. It also touches on the serial port and Identifying the COM port. We use the FTDI USB to serial breakout board, so you will want to be comfortable installing drivers and troubleshooting them on your system.

Materials by Jeff Branson

Images by Jeff Branson and Linz Craig

  • Author: Jeffrey Branson
  • Date Posted: February 6, 2014
  • Last Updated: March 20, 2014
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