LilyPad with ArduBlock Workshop

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Presentation materials on using ArduBlock with the LilyPad Simple Development Board during a workshop at Fashion Institute of Technology 6/5/2014.


  • Overview of LilyPad Hardware
  • Overview of Arduino Software
  • Introduction to ArduBlock Tool

Programming - The Big Six Concepts:

  • Digital Output - Blinking LEDs
  • Analog Output - Fading LEDs
  • Digital Input - Connecting a button
  • If/Else Statements - Reading a button’s state
  • Analog Input - Hooking up a light sensor
  • Serial Communication - Sending sensor data to Serial Monitor

Project Planning/Open Work Time:

  • Crafting Soft Circuit Sensors - Buttons and Switches
  • Tips for Sewing with Conductive Thread
  • Other Resources

Materials needed:

Wishlist for SparkFun materials:

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