One Day Workshop

Student workshops are designed to introduce technology to a classroom of students.
Professional workshops offer professional development for educators.
Please carefully read the information below.

Workshops include the following:

  • Hardware for 20 students or shared among 30 students.
  • One 8 hour workshop at your desired location for up to 30 students in one session including a one hour lunch break.
  • Two highly trained SparkFun instructors to lead the workshop.
  • All travel expenses are included for two SparkFun instructors.

Total = $2700*

Detailed workshop specifications

Classroom Setup

  • Classes should be capped at 30 students.
  • The ideal space for a SparkFun workshop is a (class)room with tables that can accommodate a student with a laptop computer and an 18″x30″ workspace for each participant.
  • Please make sure there is an abundance of outlets near the desks for the students to plug in their computers and any other devices that might be used for the class. Access to power outlets for each workspace is ideal.
  • We can provide 20 laptop computers if you need them; however, if you have access to computers this is preferable.
  • Having extra adults around for children’s workshops is strongly recommended for classroom management.


  • It’s important to take multiple breaks throughout the day (every 90 minutes and a one hour lunch break). The material can be dense, therefore, students need breaks to reset. This is especially important for children.
  • We will need an hour before and after the workshop to allow for setup and teardown.
  • We suggest meeting with the workshop host before the class to discuss classroom norms/management.
  • Please indicate whether or not lunch will be provided so instructors can plan accordingly.
  • Please provide us with specific parking instructions if there are any.
  • While we don’t sell SparkFun products at our workshops feel free to purchase through
  • A Risk and Release Waiver will need to be signed by anyone attending the workshop. Once they are filled out you can give them to the lead instructor. This must be done before the start of class.

* NOTE: If you would like more than one workshop we can work with you on a customized program. The $2700 workshop cost includes  our 20% Educator Discount. If you would like to continue receiving the Educator Discount on future purchases, please contact for more information. There is a minimum six week lead time to prepare for most workshops. 

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