FemtoBuck Constant Current LED Driver Hookup Guide V12

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Resources and Going Further

Consider checking out these other tutorials for more information about concepts in this guide:

  • Light - Covers some useful concepts, such as why doubling the current doesn't appear to double the brightness.
  • Diodes - Diodes are a slightly more complex beast than resistors. Our diodes tutorial will help you understand why we need a special device to power them.
  • Pico Buck Hookup Guide - Need to control more LEDs? The PicoBuck is just like the FemtoBuck except it has three channels, each capable of providing 350mA. Perfect for controlling high powered RGB LEDS that require control of each color individually.

Need some inspiration for your next project? Check out the PWM Lighting Controller example used with the touch potentiometer:

PWM Lighting Controller

PWM Lighting Controller in the Touch Potentiometer Hookup Guide

Or maybe try using the FemtoBuck to do some LED home lighting.